The other day, while I was driving home from work, I noticed something in my rearview mirror: a solar dancing flower on the dashboard in the car behind me. Not too long before that, I had seen a solar dancing flower in another car sitting in a parking lot. Since then, I had seen that same car in the parking lot for a second time. I have probably noticed a dozen or so solar dancing flowers on car dashboards recently. Occasionally I'll see one in a car on the streets of San Francisco with a solar flower and I've seen others on TV inside taxicabs. Solar Flowers look nice sitting on a car's dashboard, but be sure to keep them out of extreme, direct heat. In most cases, your flower will dance and be happy inside your car, but remember that sometimes cars can get really hot. Plastic doesn't always hold up: I've even seen a plastic CD case melt in the car.

Other great places to display your solar dancing flower:

- Next to a window (of course!)
- On your desk (if you're near a window)
- In the kitchen (be sure it's not near the stove!)
- Hospital rooms (sick patients need some cheer the most)
- Classrooms (again, next to a sunny window is best)

No matter where you enjoy your solar flowers, make sure there is plenty of sunlight, but keep them out of extreme heat!


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Pink Solar Flower with Red Pot