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  • Stocking Stuffers: The Great Debate. What's in Your Stocking?


    Let's take a moment to talk about Stocking Stuffers. What do you usually get in yours? Is it a surprise each year, or do you have a little something you get every single year that you look forward to?

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  • Happy Thanksgiving from



    Dear Friends,

    As we all prepare to share the day with our family and friends, we'd like to take a moment to thank the most fun customers any company could ask for. Without your support, offices everywhere would be crying in boredom, cubicles would be at their wit's end with stress, and desks would be begging to go outside and play. We hope your day is filled with happiness and laughter and, although no one is looking forward to going back to work on Friday, your office, cubicle, and desk will welcome your return; proudly displaying all fun office toys you've brought to them over the years.

    "The turkey's been dropped on the floor The gravy refuses to pour The taters are lumpy And Grandpa is grumpy But Thanksgiving's a day I adore."

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    -from everyone here at

  • 2014 Holiday Office Gift Guide, Gift Exchange Games, and More!

    2014 Holiday Office Gift Guide

    The wait is over! Secret Santa's rejoice! Your 2014 Holiday Office Gift Guide has arrived!  Whether you're buying for the boss or just need a few office stocking stuffers, below are some holiday office gift ideas to help get your office holiday shopping off to a good start!

    First, we thought we'd ignite the holiday gift giving spirit by laying out the rules to two popular office gift exchange games:

    1. Secret Santa: Everyone places their name into a bowl. Each person draws a name. You are now the Secret Santa for the name you drew (but don't let anyone know whose name you drew!). At the office holiday party, everyone secretly places their wrapped  Secret Santa present in a designated spot (include a gift tag naming the intended receiver). One by one, each recipient opens their gift and tries to guess who their Secret Santa is; if they don't figure it out, their Secret Santa will finally come forward and reveal their true identity!
    2. White Elephant Exchange: Everyone buys and wraps an office gift to bring to the party. They place the gift (no gift tags this time) in a designated spot. Once the order of gift openers is decided, the first person will open a gift of their choice. The second person gets to choose if they want to take first person's gift or if they want to try their luck at opening another gift. If they choose the first person's gift, the first person gets to open a new present. Now the third person gets to decide between all the gifts that are already open, or if they want to open a new present. This process repeats until all of the presents are open!

    There are a lot of variations to both games, so have fun with it!

    Are you the Secret Santa and feeling stumped? Take a look below to get some ideas, then head over to our Holiday Collection to get even more!


    Holiday Office Gift Guide from

    Gifts by Personality

    Gifts for the Office GeekOffice Geek Gifts for the Stressed OutStressed Out Gifts for the BossThe Boss Gifts for The Office JockOffice Jock
    Free Shipping on orders $75 and over.Use Coupon Code FREESHIP75 during checkout.*Standard Shipping to 48 US States
  • Halloween at Work Ideas!


    Check out some of the most popular Office Toys from our Special Halloween Collection

    The spookiest holiday of the year is quickly approaching! These Halloween at work ideas are great for building team spirit and an opportunity for stress-relief. [one_half last="no" class="" id=""]

    Zombie Puffer

    The Zombie Puffer is silly, goofy, funny, squeezable, a bit spooky and a great way to relieve your stress. Only $3.99.

    Get a Zombie Puffer for your desk[/one_half] [one_half last="yes" class="" id=""]

    Poppin Peepers Brain

    If the Poppin Peepers Brain could talk, it would say, "Squeeze me!" and that's exactly what you should do.

    Watch the Poppin Peepers eyeballs pop out![/one_half] [separator style_type="none" top_margin="20" bottom_margin="20" sep_color="" icon="" width="" class="" id=""] [one_half last="no"]

    Witch Cackle Sound Button

    Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble... Push the button and hear the witch cackle.

    Listen to the Cackle and see all of our sound buttons [/one_half]

    [one_half last="yes"]

    Wind Up Glowing Ghoul

    Wind it up and it'll creep along your desk, casting off an eerie glow in the darkness. But don't let this little Ghoul scare you – it can provide hours of spine-chilling fun.

    See this Ghoul and our Wind Up Halloween Collection [/one_half]


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  • National Coffee Day


    Today is a Very Important Holiday

    And it's our personal favorite. Continue reading

  • Happy Friday!

    Found here.


    Congrats on making it through the week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  • Sock Monkeys Have Entered the Barrel Game

    Just Arrived! Barrel of Sock Monkeys Game!

    What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Nothing! Except for a barrel of sock monkeys, that is.   Continue reading

  • Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Talk Like A Pirate Day

    That's right landlubbers, th' day has come fer ye to get yer sea legs 'n unleash th' swashbucklin' scurvy pirate within! Continue reading

  • Workplace Stress Leads To Less Productive Employees

    Workplace stress article by Karen Higgenbottom explains that stress at work can negatively impact employee productivity.  Continue reading

  • 50 Year Calendar Paperweight

    50 Year Calendar Paperweight

    Be prepared half a century in advance with this stylish calendar paperweight. Find the day of the week for any future date by lining up the month and year at the top of the dial to reveal the matching monthly calendar at the bottom of the dial. Unlike most paperweights, this 50 year calendar paperweight even allows for leap years - just line up the January or February in the red letters on the calendar.

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    See all of our Paperweights!

    Did You Know?

    Did you know a "fortnight" means 14 days? It comes from the English word fēowertȳne niht and is used in several countries in Europe. In America, we use the term "bi-weekly" to mean 14 days, but that can sometimes mean twice-a-week so maybe we should switch to fortnight, too! (unless you like to build forts in your living room at night, in which case, every night could be fortnight and that would be confusing)

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